About Us Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

The mission of Scientia International School, where the students come first, is to partner with parents to develop enthusiastic learners within a nurturing and stimulating environment. An institution where each student feels engaged and secure, and where they learn to be citizens of a culturally diverse society. We believe that children, who will be our future, must be followers before becoming leaders, followers of values, followers of ethics and followers of morals that hold us together as residents of a trend changing global society. Our school ethos is based on the philosophy that imparting modern education while keeping us grounded to our roots helps in preparing students to face the fast developing world. We envision to not only support and widen their horizon but also provide them with state-of-art infrastructure to develop more comprehensively and think innovatively while being aware of our ever growing environmental responsibilities. We at Scientia International School believe that each child is unique with his/her own ability. Our aim is to harness that ability and develop it to the best of our capability and to inculcate in them a sense of pride, tolerance and confidence as they take their first steps into the world of their own.